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We are a consulting partner of AWS, with a goal to help clients migrate into AWS cloud & build AWS Cloud capability so as to better manage their IT portfolio.

As a part of cloud capability building, we provide best-in-class, cohort-based, instructor-led, live, online cloud training/cloud courses for AWS certifications/AWS exams.

Cloud Consulting

We facilitate clients to align IT with the business by establishing an IT balanced scorecard for IT function. We use industry-recognized COBIT5 framework.

Focused around Business/IT alignment, Value Delivery, Cost Management & Risk Management.

We facilitate clients in their cloud migration journey through IT portfolio rationalization & understanding cloud architecture best practices so as to establish a cloud adoption roadmap. 

Focused around leveraging best practices so as to navigate successfully on cloud adoption roadmap.

Cloud Capability Building & Cloud Certification Training

We undertake resource skilling (up-skilling as well as cross-skilling) by delivering cohort-based, interactive, hands-on learning from foundational to advanced training needs customised as per client requirements. 

We also deliver best-in-class, cohort-based, live, interactive, online cloud training for AWS certification exams.

  • Our cohort-based courses comprises of small group of participants (learners), engaging in live, interactive, hands-on learning to reinforce the theory behind AWS services. 

  • Learners are more engaged within a group through project assignments, discussions on AWS reference architecture, & presenting on various use cases for AWS services. 

  • Finally learners get to test their AWS knowledge by practicing 1000+ AWS certification exam questions & answers. 

Our AWS certification exam courses keep learners engaged through a mix of live instructions, 70-80% hands-on learning, and project assignments.

Our AWS certification exam courses lets learners test their knowledge by practising on AWS exam questions & answers resulting in outcome based learning. 

Our popular AWS certifications trainings are:

  • AWS Solutions Architect

  • AWS Developer

  • AWS SysOps Administrator

AWS Certifications Training: AWS PrivateLink enabled VPC endpoint service

AWS Certifications Training: AWS PrivateLink enabled VPC endpoint service

AWS PrivateLink is a highly available, scalable technology that enables you to privately connect your VPC to: supported AWS services services hosted by other AWS accounts (VPC endpoint services) supported AWS Marketplace partner services Watch this video to more about AWS PrivateLink. To download the AWS white paper visit our blog: We at Cloud-PlusPlus offer instructor led live online AWS Certification training courses. Our focus is on hands-on exercises to learn AWS architectural best practices & AWS Services as building blocks. Visit us at for course curriculum & other details. We have an experienced trainer having 4 AWS Certifications & over 2 decades of industry experience. To know more about our trainer visit Do check-out feedback of our past participants, If you are aiming for AWS certification, visit our blog, for valuable AWS certification resources. Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Email me for AWS capability building needs:
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