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FREE Demo of AWS Certification Course

Free Demo of AWS Certification Course

Demo Session covers:

  • AWS free tier account creation.

  • Learn to create a custom VPC in an AWS Region.

  • Learn to configure web server on EC2 Linux instance in the public subnet of the VPC.

  • Finally, test your web server.

The entire demo is hands-on & each participant will do all the above steps which in turn will help in a thorough understanding of highly available & fault-tolerant application design. 


This demo is for 90 minutes & participants are expected to get their laptops having access to an internet connection.




  • Thursday, 31-May-22 from 10:00 am EST to 11:30 am EST (7:30 pm IST to 9 pm IST)

  • Tuesday, 02-Jun-22 from 7:30 pm EST to 9:00 pm EST

  • Friday, 27-May-22 from 9:00 pm EST to 10:30 pm EST

Target Participants:

  • Sr. Developers aspiring to become Solutions Architects

  • Technical Leads considering learning Cloud Architectures

  • Architects from legacy technology aspiring to get cross-skilled

  • Technical project managers contemplating to manager projects in the AWS cloud environment

Narendra Dharm - Founder Cloud++

The Demo is led by Narendra Dharm, an industry-experienced AWS Solutions Architect who has helped 2000+ professionals in their certification journey.


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