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Learn to create your Amazon Aurora Serverless database

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Learn to create your Amazon Aurora Serverless database.


1. Learn to create your Amazon Aurora Serverless database.

2. Learn use of Query Editor to run SQL queries in RDS Console.

3. Learn to create Data API for Aurora Serverless.

Step 1: In AWS Management Console go to RDS service.

Click on Create Database. Provide the following configuration.

Engine Options

Engine type: Amazon Arora

Edition: Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition

Engine version:

Available versions: Aurora PostgreSQL ( Compatible with PostgreSQL 10.18)


DB Cluster Identifier: mycppdatabase

Master Username: postgres

Auto generate a password: Uncheck

Master Password: mypass123

Confirm password: mypass123

Instance configuration

DB instance class: Serverless

Capacity range: Min:2, Max:2


Select your required VPC or select the default VPC. Likewise, for Subnet.

VPC Security Group: Create New.

New VPC security group name: CPP-Aurora

Additional Configuration:

Enable the Data API checkbox

Additional Configurations

Initial database name: mycpplab

Backup retention period: 1 day

Uncheck Copy tags to snapshots

Uncheck Enable deletion protection

Click on Create database.

Wait till the database is Available.

Step 2: Go back to RDS dashboard-> Query Editor.

Configure as follows and Connect to database.

In the Query editor, Run the sample query. The table will be populated.

Clear the Query Editor to remove existing commands.

Run the following query to create a new database:

create database mycpptutorial;

Check the output:

To switch to newly created database, click on Change database:

Select the postgres from drop down of Database username:

Change the database instance name and provide the new database “mycpptutorial” in last section and Connect to database:

Clear the Query Editor to remove existing commands.

Run the each of the following queries one by one in editor. Clear the editor after each query:

create table employee (firstname text, lastname text, phone text);

insert into employee VALUES ('Harry', 'Potter', '123-4567');

insert into employee VALUES ('Virat', 'Kohli', '987-6543');

select * from employee;

Thus we have successfully created Amazon Aurora Serverless Database Cluster. We have created 2 databases, switched to the new database and operated queries through the Query Editor.

Note: Aurora is a chargeable database. Make sure you delete the database from RDS console if you no longer need it.

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Aurora with SQL
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Snehal Sutar
Snehal Sutar
Oct 17, 2022

informative blog !


Prafful Manve
Prafful Manve
Oct 16, 2022



Atharva B.
Atharva B.
Oct 13, 2022

Informative blog on Amazon Aurora Serverless Databases and setting them up!


Oct 13, 2022

Very Informative Blog....

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