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AWS Training - Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level certification

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

My intent to write this article is to help all those who are preparing for the AWS Certification particularly, AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level certification. It is one of the tough exams that calls for through understanding of AWS infrastructure, various AWS services, AWS security, AWS risk & compliance, and architecting solutions considering features of AWS services & best practices. The more you know the better.

I will recommend a road-map for preparation, share resources that I used & also add topics which I missed but realized their importance post clearing the certification exam. Following are the step that I would recommend:

1. Get to know all the AWS services at high level & how they are used in various use case scenarios.

2. Dig deeper in storage, compute, networking, IAM, & database services. Get your hands dirty with these services.

3. Watch reinvent videos for gaining more clarity.

4. Maintain points to remember flash cards/sheets that can help you memorize important information. This will help answer straight forward questions really quick & save time for answering good number of lengthy convoluted questions in the exam.

5. Take an AWS practice exam. It doesn’t cost much and will give you a fair idea of your readiness to take the actual exam. If you do well in the practice exam, it can be a good confidence booster.

I will continue to post on regular basis on various topics/AWS services that needs deep dive understanding with focus on AWS certification.

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