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LAMP Stack using CloudFormation Template

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Create LAMP Stack using CloudFormation Template


1. Learn to model and provision AWS cloud infrastructure.

2. Learn to manage and maintain AWS Infrastructure as code.

Step 1: In AWS console go to CloudFormation click on Create stack

Under Prerequisite – Prepare template select Use a sample template.

In Select a sample template choose LAMP Stack under Simple from the drop down.

Click on Next.

Under Specify stack details:

Stack name: MyStack


DBName: MyDatabase1

DBPassword: myadmin123

DBRoot Password: myroot123

DBUser: MyAdmin

InstanceType: t2.micro

KeyName: [Select your AWS EC2 Key Pair]


Click on Next.

In Configure stack options let defaults be as is. Click on Next.

Review MyStack and click on Create stack.

The stack will initiate its events creation process.

Step 2: In MyStack, go to Outputs Tab and open the WebsiteURL.

A sample PHP page will open. This page gives detailed information about the Server that is created.

Step 3: In MyStack, The Templates tab gives access to the JSON document that can be further used for operations in this Server.

Delete the Stack if you no longer need it. This will also delete all the resources that were created along with it.

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AWS CloudFormation
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Very helpful to understand the concept


Feb 23

Useful blog


very helpful


Easy to follow


Atchaya B
Atchaya B
Feb 23

Useful blog sir.

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