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Tutorial Blog to Create AMI from Amazon EC2 Linux Instance.

Updated: Apr 26


  • Learn to create an AMI from an existing Linux EC2 instance having a web application.

Step 1: In AWS Console, go to EC2 service and create a Linux Web Server. You may refer to our blog to create it. Make sure the instance is created and running.

Copy the Public IPv4 address in instance Details. Run the address in new tab. Test the web server.

Step 2: Go to EC2 Instances. Select the created web server instance.

Go to Actions -> Image and templates -> Create image.

Configure the image as follows:

Image Name: MyWebServerAMI

Description: AMI for EC2 Linux Web Server

Scroll down to Tags.

Key: Name

Value: WebServerFromAMI

Keep the rest values and selections unchanged.

Click on Create image at the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 3: In EC2 service console side panel, go to AMIs under Images. Make sure the AMI is in available state.

Go back to Instances and terminate the WebServerAMI instance. Click on Launch instances.

In Name and tags section, type ‘WB-Created-From-AMI’ in text field labeled Name.

Click on My AMIs and select your recent created Amazon Machine Image i.e MyWebServerAMI.

Keep the all the configurations default from Step 4 , 5 and Step 6 of instance creation as per blog.

Proceed to the next Step.

Go next to Step 7, select the WebServerSG

And launch the instance. Confirm that the instance is in running state.

Copy the Public IPv4 address in instance Details.

Run the address in new tab. Test the web server.

This instance is created using the custom AMI and thus we haven’t added any script while creating this instance.

If you no longer need this instance make sure to terminate the instance, deregister the AMI & delete the snapshot.

AMI from Amazon EC2 Linux Instance.-1
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