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Provision Linux Instance and connect using EC2 Instance Connect

Updated: Jan 22

Provision an Amazon EC2 Linux instance and connect using Amazon EC2 browser-based client (Old UI)

For new UI refer to this blog.


1. Provision an Amazon EC2 Linux instance.

2. Connect using Amazon EC2 browser-based client.

Step 1: In AWS Console, go to EC2 and create a key pair. For step by step instructions follow this link.

Step 2: In EC2 Console click on Instances option in left navigation. Select Launch Instances.

Select the following Linux 2 AMI.

Step 3: Choose an Instance Type over here.

Select General purpose type t2.micro Instance Type.

Click on Next: Configure Instance Details at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 4: Here you will Configure Instance Details.

In the Subnet field select on the drop down list and select any one of the Subnets.

Auto-assign Public IP: Enable

Click Next : Add Storage at bottom right of screen.

Step 5: Keep all the default settings and click on the Next: Add Tags button.

Step 6: Add Tags

Key: Name

Value: EC2ConnectFromAWS

Click on the Next: Configure Security Group at the bottom right of the screen

Step 7: Configure Security Group

Create a new security group with following configuration

Security Group Name: EC2LinuxSG

Description: Security Groups for Linux Servers

Keep the default SSH rule.

Warning: Rules with source of allow all IP addresses to access your instance. We recommend setting security group rules to allow access from known IP addresses only.

While using this feature for production make sure the known IP address is entered.

Click on Review and Launch button.

Step 8: Review Instance Launch

Here are all the details regarding your instance.

Read them once and check if all the configurations are correct

Click on the Launch button.

Step 9: After you click the Launch button here you will be asked to select/create KEY-PAIR.

Choose an existing key pair option from the drop down.

Then select the key pair that we created according to Step 1 above.

Acknowledge the key pair and launch the instance.

Confirm that the instance is in running state.

Step 10: Select the Instance. Click on Connect Button.

Confirm the User name is ec2-user and click on Connect.

AWS will redirect you to a new tab where the instance will be accessible.

Step 11: If you no longer need this instance make sure to terminate the instance

Click on drop-down menu besides Actions button

Select the Instance State and click on Terminate.

This will terminate your instance.

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EC2 Direct Connect
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