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AWS Classic Load Balancer

Updated: Feb 28

Create a Classic Load Balancer

Step 1: Create two Web Servers using the bootstrap script as follows:

  • Provision a web server on Linux instance with bootstrapping script. Refer to the document EC2 linux webserver.

  • Create these 2 Web Servers in 2 different Availability zones

  • Add Name tag to both the servers respectively:

  • E.g. WebServer1 and WebServer2

  • Check whether both the servers are running by running the IPv4 or DNS Name in browser.

Step 2: After creating two Web Server’s instances go to Load Balancers under Load Balancing Tab.

  • Click on create Create Load Balancer

  • Click on Create under Classic Load Balancer

Elastic Load Balancer Types

Step 3: Define Load Balancer

Basic Configuration:

  • Provide Load Balancer name as MyLoadBalancer

  • Let everything be default except tick the checkbox for Enable advanced VPC configuration.

Select Subnet :

  • Select the two Subnets in which the two web servers were created.

Step 4: Assign Security Groups

  • Select the existing Web Server security group created while provisioning EC2 Linux Webservers.

Step 5: Let the defaults for Configure Security Settings be as it is and continue to Configure Health Check Up

  • Configure the values as given below

Step 6: The table lists all your running EC2 Instances. Check the boxes in the Select column to add your Web Server instances to this load balancer.

Step 7: Add a Name tag as MyLB

Step 8: Continue to Review and Create the load balancer.

Step 9: Now we check how this load balancer works:

  • Go to Load Balancers under Load Balancing Tab.

  • Select your load balancer. Now click on Instances tab and check if both the instances are in service.

Step 10: Implementation of this load balancer:

  • Under Description copy the DNS name till ‘.com’ and open that URL in a different browser window.

  • Every time you refresh it, alternatively each web server is observed to work.

  • The understanding here is that user requests load is balanced by the Load Balancer between both the Web Servers.

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Piyush Patil
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Gefällt mir

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Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh
01. Okt. 2023

very helpful and descriptive blog about load balancer

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